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The ZGIVE™ event fundraising platform makes raising for your organization easy, affordable, and fun!

Whether in-person, virtual, or hybrid, we have what you need to make your fundraising event an engaging and successful experience.


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Auction Features

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Risk-Free Auction Items

Easily create & manage your auction event!


Silent & Live Auctions

Risk-Free Auction Item Shop

Automatic Check-Out

Mobile & Online Bidding

Fund-A-Need: One-To-One Giving

In-Person, Hybrid & Virtual Events

AI-Donor Intelligence Report

Built-In SMS Texting for During Auction Engagement

Unlimited Campaigns, Participants, and Auction Items

Built-In SMS Texting for During Auction Engagement

We offer a paid or a subscription-free plan to fit any budget!

Easily Build and Promote Your Fundraising Event!

Unlimited Auctions, Items & Participants

Unleash your fundraising potential with unlimited auction campaigns, items, and participants at no additional cost to you.

Mobile & Online Bidding

Whether your donor is on their couch or at your in-person event, they can easily bid on items from the convenience of their mobile phone, tablet, or desktop.

Risk-Free Auction Item Shop

We curated 200 items in our risk-free item to make it easy for nonprofits to source quality items. We also load all of the shop items directly into your auction portal and you pay nothing unless the item sells at your event.  

We recently did a fundraising event with ZGIVE. We did a silent auction and we had over 100 people registered to participate in the event, so we ran the event for a week's time. We reached our goal of $35K and we're super thrilled with ZGIVE. The platform was easy to work with. It was very user-friendly, and we were very extremely successful. Thank you ZGIVE. 

Jay Williams

Executive Director, OC UNITED

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